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To augment staffing requirements of clients, Agnicient provides Consulting Services at client site for diverse needs on a wide variety of platforms, and environments. Requirements may range from Analysis & Design through Development and Support Services for web-based applications and/or multi-tier client/server and distributed solutions. Onsite Consulting Services are delivered either on an ongoing basis or as a discrete part of an entire life cycle.

These services are delivered by top-of-the-line Consultants having relevant project experience of at least two years. Consultants are selected through a rigorous procedure comprising aptitude tests, tech checks, and face-to-face interviews. The selection panels comprise a number of highly qualified and experienced senior professionals from the industry ?particularly those involved in software R&D, Projects and Training & Development. Senior HR professionals are also members of the selection panel. Post-selection, depending on the length of experience, Consultants undergo an intensive Orientation Program in a specific “discipline?or area of specialization. This Orientation Program addresses two kinds of needs: (a) Inculcation of the company’s norms and value system that rests on Quality Awareness; and (b) Fulfillment of skill development needs based on T&D needs identified for each individual before the program.

JSP / Struts based Web Application Development
J2EE based Custom Development

J2EE based Web Services

.NET Desktop and Web Application Development
.NET Software Product Development
Migration of Web and Desktop Applications to .NET
Web Services Based .NET Application Development

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