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Effective EDI Mapping allows your business to exchange data with partners more efficiently, facilitating improved customer relationships, increased profitability and long-term business success. In contrast, ineffective EDI Mapping can tie up resources and create problems that plague your entire organization. EDI Specialists has a stable of skilled EDI mappers and programmers with collective experience in all major EDI Mapping tools and application interfaces. Our staff can fulfill your needs, whether you're planning a one-time product conversion or ongoing map development. We also have the capacity to deploy multiple EDI mappers on short notice to complete your larger projects in hours or days, not weeks. A hallmark of our EDI Mapping services is flexibility. We can put together a quote based on time and materials or a fixed bid. We can perform the work onsite or remotely. And we can call on onshore resources, offshore resources or a combination of the two. No matter what your EDI Mapping preferences, you can count on the industry's most competitive rates and experienced mappers who will get the job done fast.

Seamless integration between your EDI and back-end application systems can go a long way toward constructing a smooth-running business. EDI Specialists has the resources to make this goal a reality. Our pool of seasoned professionals brings impressive depth and breadth of experience in EDI Application Integration. We are proficient in all major ERP and EAI applications, from large packages such as SAP, Oracle and JD Edwards to smaller packages such as Microsoft Dynamic GP (formerly GreatPlains). By working directly with databases or intermediate files, we can greatly reduce or eliminate the need for manual intervention and labor-intensive processes. After all, isn't that what you ultimately want from your application integration?

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