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Eliminate expensive resources by managing your own content and providing your employees with single point access to share the information they need to do their job. By getting every department involved, you can manage, create, edit, revise and publish content dynamically. Examples of other information that could be published on your intranet are policy control, office procedures, company stock price, social events, newsletters and press releases. You can even archive some of your information.

Our Intranet features a suite of clever web applications to enhance, empower and increase the efficiency of your organization.

Key Features:

  • Document Manager
    The Intranet Document Manager application allows you to store, access, view, modify and manage a wide spectrum of information generated within your company. All file types, text files, HTML files, audio, and all popular MS Office documents can be stored within your company intranet.

  • Calendar
    Manage your schedule and keep track of your appointments and tasks by utilizing the Intranet Calendar application.

  • Contact Manager
    The Intranet Contact Manager is the application that will assist you in storing and organizing your customer and associate contact information while remaining completely mobile. Import/Export data between Outlook, Palm and the intranet contact managers.

  • Opinion Polls
    Create an Opinion Poll on the intranet.

  • Bulletin Board
    The Bulletin Board application is a centralized location to easily store and collect ideas, opinions, and suggestions within your company on important work issues and projects.

  • WYSIWYG Editor
    The Intranet editor, a dynamic Rich Text editor that allows intranet members the ability to create documents with the assistance of various features and without the knowledge of HTML. Update intranet pages one the fly.

  • Shared Links
    The Web Links Manager allows you to create and store important Web links in a central location for quick and easy access by you or others.

  • Auto Notification
    The Auto Notification System allows Intranet members to know when new items have been added to the Intranet through E-mail. Notifications can be set up to be automatically sent when items are created, modified, moved or routed.

  • Company Memos
    The built in Memo Manager allows your company to set reoccurring email memos that will be delivered at a set time and date. These memos can also include URL links pointing to important sections and application within the Intranet.

  • User Administration
    Manage your employee information, as well as control who is added to the Intranet. It also allows you to arrange your system members into groups that suit your organization.

  • Settings
    The System Settings application allows the System Administrator, as well as other system members who have been given access, complete control over a number of system wide administrator tasks from this location.

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