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Infrastructure plays a critical role in business transformation. It enables everything else: applications, processes, operating models, enterprises and extended enterprises.

Our infrastructure solutions include desktop and distributed computing, network operations and monitoring, asset management, service delivery management, e-commerce and collaborative computing.

Our integrated approach provides benefits of:

  • Cost-effective solutions by leveraging skills, processes and technology

  • Better levels of service with a flexible, yet robust delivery model

  • Better account servicing through the account management model

Choose your most immediate goals to learn more about how Agnicient can help you address them.

Better utilisation
Get the most out of the IT resources you have.
Manage capacity
A more flexible infrastructure that can align resources with business goals.
Rapid deployment
Your IT should lead the way to new business opportunity, not hold you back.
Business continuity
Make sure your IT helps keep your business running in all conditions.
Preserve data access for those who need it while protecting against hackers and theft.
Adapt to regulatory change without breaking your business' stride.

Some of our infrastructure solutions:

Vehicle Security & Surveillance System
Securing your Employees with an innovative use of GPS Tracking & Fleet Management

  • Vehicle occupants?authorization

  • Check vehicle movement against

  • Allocated Route o Pick up Sequence

  • Vehicle immobilization on alerts

  • Real time monitoring of vehicle’s cabin

  • Replay event history

  • Route planning & trip charting

  • Comprehensive fleet management

  • Manage multiple suppliers

  • Panic/SOS alerts/alarms

  • Back-office integration

  • 24x7 support/command center

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